Conferences Youth and Families Reservation

Conferences Youth and Families Reservation

Thank you for choosing University Housing & Dining Services at Oregon State University for your conference experience. We are excited to work with you! To make your conference reservation, please complete all sections of this form and submit it at least four months prior to your group’s intended arrival on campus.

  • General Information

  • Sponsoring organization, department, or group

  • If you answered no to both of these questions, please make sure to review the insurance requirements for those not covered by the Oregon University System’s insurance, which is located under "insurance" here.

  • Conference coordinator information

    The conference coordinator manages and coordinates with Residential Conferences the details related to housing and meals for the conference or event.

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  • On-site contact information (if different from conference coordinator)

    The on-site contact will work directly with Residential Conference staff to ensure the needs of the group are met during the conference. This person is also the main point of contact for any emergencies or other issues that arises during the group’s stay in conference housing.

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  • Participant information

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  • Housing information

  • Accommodations

  • Additional services

    (Additional charges may apply. Subject to availability.)

  • Dining

    Meals are all-you-care-to-eat and served in one of our UHDS dining centers on campus.

  • We will be following up with you to discuss your specific dining needs.

  • Catering

    OSU Catering is also an option to consider for meal services, receptions, or breaks in many facilities on and off campus. Please let us know what you need and we’ll contact you for further detail.

  • Billing

    For OSU and OUS groups with an established university billing index, please provide your index number and activity code (if applicable).

  • Groups that will not be paying through an OSU or OUS billing index, may pay by check, credit card, money order (in U.S. dollars only), or purchase order. A 10% deposit will be due with the signed Agreement within 30 days of receiving the Agreement from Residential Conferences.

  • UHDS Residential Conferences Policies Overview

    Below is a partial list of the policies from the Residential Conferences Housing and Dining Agreement. This is meant to be an overview and On-Site Coordinators will be responsible for all polices listed in that Agreement.

    Chaperones and/or staff must be present when minors are in the dining centers or residence halls.

    It is the responsibility of the On-Site Coordinator to supervise conference group staff and participants and to address any conduct or behavioral issues immediately. Severe conduct and behavioral issues could result in the individual or group being asked to leave campus, with no refund for the interrupted stay and/or future reservation requests being turned down.

    To secure your reservation we require communication of an OSU or OUS billing index number or a 10% deposit based on estimated rooms and meals. Groups providing an OSU or OUS billing index number are not required to pay a deposit. For groups required to pay a deposit, the amount due will be included in the Agreement we will send to you. The agreement will detail the refund policy regarding cancellations.

    All UHDS planning is done based on the estimated numbers submitted here. If there are significant increases to your attendance numbers, UHDS may not be able to accommodate your guests in the same building or area of campus. Some increases we may not be able to accommodate at all. In addition, UHDS reserves the right to move your group due to significantly smaller numbers, or unforeseen events including safety and repair issues in the originally assigned space.

    The guarantee numbers for housing and dining center meals are due five business days prior to the group’s earliest arrival on campus. This is the minimum number you will be billed for. If there is no guarantee provided, the estimated number (provided at least 15 business days prior to arrival) will be considered the minimum number used for billing.

    Final billing will reflect any additional rooms, nights stayed, meals, services, equipment, linen, or extra staffing needs added after the Agreement was signed. It will also include charges for keys not returned and damages to facilities. A rate sheet can be provided upon request.

    Clients that are not officially affiliated with OSU or an OUS institution must provide proof of insurance. Details of this requirement will be found in the Agreement and on the Residential Conferences website.