Homestay Host Application

Homestay Host Application

Please Read First
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Homestay Host at Oregon State University. University Housing and Dining Services will utilize the information you provide below match you with a student in need of a Homestay host.

Before you begin the application below, please review the expected amenities. If at any time you have questions about the application process please contact University Housing & Dining Services by phone at +1-541-737-8754 or by email.

Expected Amenities
At a minimum Homestay Hosts are required to provide the following amenities to their student(s):
- Internet access
- Private sleeping area with a comfortable adult sized bed, study desk or table and chair, adequate lighting for study and space for the students clothes and personal belongings
- Necessary bed linens
- Private study area
- Access to laundry facilities
- One cooked meal per day and access to food for additional meals/snacks. Students will have a limited dining plan that will allow them to purchase lunch on campus.
- Access to kitchen facilities

Additional Expectations
- Homestay Hosts are expected to provide an engaging environment that will facilitate the student's immersion into a new culture.
- Homestay Hosts should be willing to be flexible and patient as every moment will be a learning opportunity for both the host and the student.

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  • Host Home Information

  • Description of Space Available

  • Questions

  • Homestay Student Preferences

  • References

  • Verification

    Oregon State University, Housing and Dining Services Homestay Program requires that Homestay Hosts pass a background check through the State of Oregon which can take 3 to 6 weeks.

    Please read before you submit this completed application form.

    By submitting this form each host confirms that:
    1. My/our family gives permission for the UHDS Homestay Program Representative to do an inspection of my/our home.
    2. My/our family agrees to be interviewed by a representative of the UHDS Homestay Program.
    3. I/We understand that the completion of this application is not a guarantee that an international student will be placed in my/our home. Selection of homestay families is based on references, application, and ability to closely match participants and families.